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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Pay of Ministers & MPs

In case constituents of Delyn are wondering, from 1 April 2005 Members of the House of Commons (MPs) are paid an annual salary of £59,095, known as the Parliamentary salary.

Those MPs who are also Ministers receive the full Parliamentary salary, in recognition of their continuing constituency duties, in addition to their Ministerial Salary.

This means that the Prime Minister, for example, is entitled to a total salary of £183,932. Whilst a Minister of State will receive a total salary of £97,949.

House of Commons Ministerial Salaries (from 1st April 2005)

Post & Salary (£)
  • Prime Minister 124,837
  • Cabinet Minister 74,902
  • Government Chief Whip 74,902
  • Minister of State 38,854
  • Parliamentary Under Secretary of State 29,491
  • Advocate General 65,263
  • Government Deputy Chief Whip 38,854
  • Government Whip 25,005
  • Assistant Government Whip 25,005
  • Leader of the Opposition 68,662
  • Opposition Chief Whip 38,854
  • Deputy Chief Opposition Whip 25,005
  • Speaker 74,902
  • Chairman of Ways & Means (Deputy Speaker) 38,854
  • First Deputy Chairman of Ways & Means (Deputy Speaker) 34,148
  • Second Deputy Chairman of Ways & Means (Deputy Speaker) 34,148
  • Parliamentary Salary 59,095
In addition, there are various allowances covering travel, subsistence and office expenses are available to MPs and Ministers.


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